Shooting at Altyre

Altyre has a long history of sporting activity, with days available to teams in the pheasant season.

Deer management is an important factor in the management of the forests surrounding the Estate.

Sustainable moorland management is at the forefront of what we do at Altyre. This is done in a traditional way, managing deer numbers through stalking and letting driven and walked-up pheasant days for shooting parties.

We have recently put in place a new approach to stalking and shooting, in which Altyre will become a place for learning and training rather than just as a venue for sport. The management of the natural environment is constantly under review at Altrye and is an an integral part of custodianship. By way of example, 6 years ago we moved the Pheasant shoot to a new area based on the Altyre Burn. We put in new roads, thinned inaccessible banks and now manage the area quite in a way that benefits the indigenous wildlife enormously.

Shooting Enquiry

For more information on availability, please contact, call (0)1309 672265 or fill out the contact form below.

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Man with a dog Coming home from a shoot
Men with dogs coming home from a shoot
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