Fishing at Altyre Estate

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The fishing at Altyre is divided into Upper and Lower Beats offering over 2.5 miles of private estate fly fishing for up to 4 rods. 14 pools wind through a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

The river at Altyre is easy to fish at all stages -perfect for the beginner, for intermediate and for more advanced casters. There is vehicular and pedestrian access within easy reach of all pools. We do advise use of 4x4 vehicles during the winter and periods of wet weather.

The Altyre beats are consistently fished from March to June. The prized Findhorn ‘Springers’ are typically big and aggressive taking fish. Altyre’s best salmon in recent years have weighed around 34 lbs, caught and released from Palamore Pool on the Upper Beat in late April. Early Spring salmon tend to hold below the Poolie Falls at Sluie until the water temperature rises above 42°F (5.5 C). Early fish often hold up on the Lower Findhorn beats of Altyre and Darnaway until water temperatures rise later in the Spring allowing them to ascend the Poolie Falls.

Altyre is also perfect for grilse and summer salmon from early July through late September, moving upstream to rest up in deep holding pools on the Altyre Estate Beats before moving on to the Middle and Upper Findhorn Beats. Being so close to Findhorn Bay, fresh fish will run off every high tide and move upstream. Therefore, Altyre fish are usually fresh sea-liced salmon and grilse straight from the last tide. Fresh salmon and grilse can be caught at Altyre right up to the last day of the season on September 30th.

For further information on fishing and booking arrangements at Altyre please get in touch.

01309 672265

Alternatively contact Ian Neale at Speycaster 


Images kindly donated by Ian Neale and John Young

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