welcome to altyre - A foot in the past, an eye to the future.

An historic estate, family run, home to Clan Cumming for 800 years, Altyre adopts a purposeful and
imaginative approach to conservation, regeneration and legacy. We are enterprising and innovative and make the most of our resources. We have our feet on the ground and our roots in the local community, actively promoting opportunity, inclusion and wellbeing.

An open door to business, partnering and enterprise. Altyre, we believe that traditional values and established practice can be combined successfully with new thinking, new technology and new ways to fund, partner and invest. We practice what we preach. Our aim is to build a wider and more inclusive legacy and to hand it on ‘with interest’ to the next generation -here, locally, regionally.

As a family we aim to establish Altyre as a regional beacon for enterprise, innovation and progress. Adapting continuously to anticipate and meet the challenges of economic and environmental change, to ensure that Altyre pays for itself and has a sustainable, ethical future. Engaging the community, partners and investors to make that happen. One generation to another.

We invite you to join us!

Best wishes from us all.


Alastair & Louisa
William, Sophie and Kit
Gordon Cumming

Gach dùrachd

Contact us at any time to find out more: Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming office@altyre.com