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An historic estate, family run, home to Clan Cumming for 800 years, Altyre adopts a purposeful and imaginative approach to conservation, regeneration and legacy. We are enterprising and innovative and make the most of our resources.

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Our Priorities

In addition to its huge tranches of woodland, Altyre embraces a grouse moor of 4,000 acres. About 2,000 acres are under arable farming and beef production.

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Altyre Fishing Availability

Based on the Lower Findhorn River, Altyre Estate offers some of the most scenic fishing anywhere in the North of Scotland. If you would like to fish this beautiful river, please get in touch.

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Repurposing Our Assets

An essential part of our role as ‘custodians’ of Altyre is to ensure that our built and environmental assets are well managed and well maintained.

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Investment & Partnering

We are delighted to have GSA (Glasgow School of Art) onboard in the fabulous, refurbished Altyre Italian Steadings. Business colaboration is always something that Altyre is eager to pursue.

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Altyre has been engaged with its local communities for hundreds of years. The first Altyre Kirk was already a focal point for the local community by 1220 and our unusual red Victorian chapel is used for weddings.

Altyre is a place where people live, work, study, socialise, walk, participate in sport and birdwatch. The Estate enables community engagement and enjoys close and ancient links with the neighbouring town of Forres.

Altyre continues to make land available to meet local housing demand.

If you would like to self-build or take on a conversion project, please contact us for more information on office@altyre.com

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Altyre Estate Community Church
Clan Cumming Tartan

Clan Cumming

This story of the Cummings is not confined to Moray or to Scotland but is one also of dispersal to distant places linked by events and circumstances stretching back 7 centuries and marked by two periods of emigration –the first, a largely forced departure in early 14th century to Ireland and the Isle of Man and from the late-17th century, by choice, to North America and later in the 19th to Australasia and to South Africa. Hardly a day goes by when someone who shares the family name or has some other association with Clan Cumming contacts Altyre to seek or offer details of their own related history.

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If you want to engage with fellow members and associates of Clan Cumming and also help us to add further to our geography and history then please join the Blog.

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