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Berry Burn Wind Turbines

Altyre Estate prioritises sustainable development and understands the requirement for renewable sources of energy to meet demand. Located on Altyre land, the Berryburn Wind Farm, commissioned 2014, is majority owned and operated by Statkraft, the largest generator of renewable energy in Europe. As well as enough energy to power the equivalent of 44,400 homes, the Berryburn windfarm produces wider social and economic benefits for the local community.

Berry Burn Wind Farm

Berry Burn Wind Turbines

  • Electricty Generation

    2 phases

    with kWh equiv

    44,000 homes+

    27,000 homes


  • Community Fund

    Annual Contribution

    £166,000/yr to 2014


    £175,000/yr to 2025



  • Community Fund

    Over 25 year life

    Both Projects

    £4.16m to 2014 Plus

    £4.37m to 2025


    £8.53 million

Community Fund & Expansion

During Berry Burn’s 25 year life, Statkraft will provide a minimum of £4.16 million to The Berry Burn Community Fund. By the start of 2019, almost £860,000 had been granted to more to than 100 local groups, projects and initiatives -educational, environmental, outdoor, health and wellbeing. Altyre is working with the community to help identify and facilitate future beneficiaries.

A financial bond is in place to cover the cost of decommissioning and restoring the site at the end of the 25 year period. There is potential for Stakraft and its partner Airvolution to add a further 10 turbines to the east of the site. The extension would generate power equivalent to the needs of a further 27,000 homes and provide an additional estimated £175,000 annually for the Community Fund. A decision is expected in 2020. Altyre is also a participant in a current application to develop a wind farm at Clash Gour.


The Altyre Estate has over 7,000 acres of sustainable woodland and this provides an exceptional resource for Biomass. We have put in place the means and facilities to select, process and convert our timber for chippings. In 2016 we began to roll out renewable energy to our first tranche of residential properties and to GSA’s Creative Campus.

We hope, in the near future, to establish a venture that would enable us to supply a Biomass resource to properties off the main estate.




Biomass trees