A Host to World Class Teaching & Research The GSA Creative Campus

The establishment of GSA’s ‘Creative Campus’ at Altyre forms part of a wider step-change in
the Glasgow School of Art’s ambition to be a global leader in studio-based learning and research.
It is a new and essential element in GSA’s development as Scotland’s specialist university-level
institution for the visual creative disciplines.

The Shape of Things to Come…

GSA aims to achieve a global impact from its Creative Campus at Altyre through the clarity and purpose of its vision, innovative teaching and research.

This  campus provides a world-class centre for creativity, ground-breaking collaboration and partnering. The success of its mission is already taking shape in the exceptional ‘Italianate’ buildings at Blairs Steading.

The arrival of the Glasgow School of Art at Altyre is a transformative step for both parties, providing opportunities for a unique and continuing engagement between an outward looking historic estate and one of the world’s leading creative institutions. There is already much common ground and far more to follow. Just 3 years since its arrival, planning is already under way for the next stage of development, a reflection of Altyre’s important role as both an enabler and partner.

We are working together to help to grow an environment in which GSA’s exceptional work across areas such as digital health, community, health and wellbeing can flourish.

Altyre Estate Tower

GSA Creative Campus

At its Creative Campus, GSA is building on its existing strengths and creating new opportunities to:

  • Achieve excellence studio-based learning
  • Engage with new audiences through inter-disciplinary research
  • Extend its global reach and creative engagement
  • Be a robust and efficient institution, maximising its resources and potential

But don’t just take our word for it, visit GSA at:

GSA Blairs Steading Creative Campus

A World Class Research and Teaching Space

The Blairs Steading on the Altyre Estate near Forres has been transformed into a world-class research and teaching space. This is an unparalleled opportunity for students to study within a newly renovated campus in spectacular surroundings. A 21st century design school in a 19th century building The Steading comprises a group of Grade ‘A’ listed Italianate buildings, built in the 1830s. The buildings have been converted into a GSA campus, providing inspiring studio, workshop and exhibition space as well as state of the art areas for research, teaching, prototyping and flexible lab work. The campus brings the GSA’s world-leading research and teaching to the region.

Altyre Means Business

GSA’s arrival at Altyre also fulfils a long standing and continuing imperative for Altyre – the need to invest ideas, invention, innovation and new energies within the rural economy and local communities. Enabling our immediate hinterland at Forres and within the Moray region to benefit from new thinking, new forms of collaboration and new enterprise that will galvanise attention, diversify resources and strengthen investment locally. GSA brings to our wider community a fresh and dynamic engagement that is open and outward looking, and which through studio-based learning and research, provides a striking opportunity to collaborate and transform thinking by developing creative approaches with new audiences.

We have at Altyre a world-class teaching and research institution whose recent graduate destinations include BBC, Dyson, Apple, Rockstar Games, The Modern Institute, Graven Images, Foster and Partners and JM Architects, L’Oreal, BAE Systems, Ford, Nokia, Sony, GAP, Apple. Over the next 5 years Altyre will also make itself available to act as a host to GSA’s International Exchange Programme, which currently embraces 75 leading institutions.

To learn more about the work of The Glasgow School of Art at Altyre, please visit:

GSA Creative Campus