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Diverse, Sustainable, Renewable

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Our Vision

Sustainability is central to the Altyre vision. The estate is determined to make best and responsible use of its scarce resources, including its woodlands, its water courses, its bio-diversity and its buildings and materials. Self sufficiency is at the heart of the sustainability project and centres on the production of energy from the estate’s renewable sources. It also involves conservation and recycling and efficient waste control. Every loose stone, every random piece of timber, every redundant building and every fallow field has the potential for re-use and new life.

Conservation and Local Supply

Sustainability also extends to the Altyre’s relationship with the local community and in particular to local procurement and supply. Whether the requirement is for trades people or for professional services, for materials or for goods and services the solution sought is always local. Altyre is a strong advocate of the recycling materials and sustaining traditional building methods. A number of the estate’s buildings are listed, unique, important examples of rural architecture and heritage. The restoration of Blairs Farm provides a good example of our joint approach with Historic Scotland and a specialist conservation design and team to bring historic buildings back to life using traditional materials and local skills.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Across the estate the aim is to reduce our carbon footprint – cutting Co2 emissions and improving the efficiency of land use. Conservation initiatives are under way to preserve and re-use historic and utilitarian buildings drawing on their ‘embodied energy’; to recycle materials and to minimize and manage waste; to protect wildlife and safeguard the habitats of rare species through a planned programme of nature conservancy.

The estates’ farms are managed both in-hand and let to local farming businesses to ensure that each activity is matched to the best available skill and investment. Altyre rears some of the finest beef in the Highlands. The estate’s lake and water courses including the River Findhorn are expertly managed to ensure that traditional sporting rights are matched by responsible controls and restocking.

Renewable Energy

In 2015 we put in place plant and first stage infrastructure for estate-wide bio-mass energy production and we are exploring opportunities for developing a local supply chain throughout Moray at large. Supplied from Altyre’s own renewable woodland, the new bio-mass plant also serves GSA’s ‘creative campus’. Biomass forms part of an integrated renewables strategy embracing wind power, hydro and ground sourced heat.

Wind Power

Developed with our partner Statkraft, a wholly owned enterprise of the Norwegian government and Europe’s leading provider of renewable energy, Berry Burn Wind Farm has been operational since May 2014. Located on the Altyre Estate on the slopes of Carn Ghiublais and Carn Kitty the project consists of 29 turbines, which are estimated to produce enough clean electricity annually to power around 43,000 homes. A community benefit fund worth up to £166,000 per year for 25 years is being been made available to community groups in the surrounding area.


Environment and Bio Diversity

Altyre has a remarkable abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna, woodland and water courses. The estate provides a range of habitats and breeding grounds for some of Scotland’s finest and rarest animals and birds including Deer, Otters, Osprey and Capercaillie and the much depleted Black Grouse. The estate has plans to expand its nature conservancy role and also to develop a managed programme of ‘nature tourism’ to enable small groups of visitors to gain responsible access to viewing wildlife in its natural Altyre habitat.

Our aim is to establish Altyre as the 'rural hub' within Moray and as a regional 'gateway' to innovation, enterprise and investment.
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