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€An historic estate with a contemporary approach to heritage and conservation, a passion for enterprise and innovation and a deep commitment to the environment and to learning. A foot in the past and an eye always on the future. I hope that what you read and see here will assure you that traditional values and established practice can be combine successfully with new thinking, new technology and with new forms of investment. It is important to us as a family, to our team at Altyre and to our partners and investors that we remain true to what preceded us. We are fortunate to have a remarkable inheritance here that stretches back over 850 years. But we are alert also to the challenges and opportunities that now lie ahead. I think of us all as custodians of Altyre’s past and guarantors of its future.
€As for me, I see myself as part of the fabric of the local community and view the estate as a valuable asset to Forres and to Moray. We are an integral part of the local supply chain. Altyre is a source of growing investment, increasing employment and local procurement. A focus for innovation and partnership. We are in the early stages of a new five year plan 2015-2020 intended to open the estate in a planned and managed way to business, to innovators and to partners and visitors as never before.
€In July 2016 we will complete the restoration of Blairs Farm Steading –a unique Italianate group of Grade A buildings that will form the Glasgow School of Art’s new ‘Creative Campus’- a national centre for world class design and innovation in which the Altyre Estate, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Historic Scotland are investing up to £3 million and which will also expedite the delivery of superfast broadband locally. In turn this project will also have a positive knock on impact on the recovery of other estate assets for accommodation, learning, training and skills development and for the creation of new enterprise. In 2016 Altyre will invite investment in proposals to develop the Chapelton area of the estate for housing, enterprise and community uses. Work will also commence on the redevelopment of the historic Stables. We are making the very best of our land and building assets and with that come opportunities for partnership and investment.
€I believe that Altyre can play a significant role as one of a number of strategic ‘rural hubs’ for the Highlands – a centre of excellence and energy bristling with enterprise and invention. We are continuously adapting to meet the pressures of economic and environmental change and to ensure that Altyre has a sustainable future. Already, we are working towards making Altyre self-sufficient in meeting its energy needs from its own resources –biomass, wind power, hydro. In 2015 we partnered with the Norwegian renewable energy company Statkraft to install 29 turbines at the new Berry Burn Wind Farm which is now providing electricity to the equivalent of over 43,000 households.
€ Grand plans yes, but I also see Altyre as a business with a ‘small b’. Any large estate of our type needs to diversify to survive but we wish to do so at a scale that suits our traditions, our environs and our ability to continue to manage in a hands-on way. After all, Altyre is our home and what we do here must respect our needs as a family and our obligations as its’custodians. We never forget that we owe everything to the estate and to its community. We owe to them a safe and familiar pair of hands and a continuing duty of care.
I hope in due course that you play a part in our aspirations for this wonderful Scottish estate.

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Our aim is to establish Altyre as the 'rural hub' within Moray and as a regional 'gateway' to innovation, enterprise and investment.
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